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Hey there! My name is Roy Foley and I've been a full time professional woodworker and teacher for over 25 years. 

I often get asked the question: Is it possible to set up a fully equipped workshop for under $1000?

At first I was skeptical of this idea

But then I discovered something which completely changed my opinion...

The Ultimate Small Shop Guide

How To Set Up A Complete Small Workshop On A Budget

After going through this guide for myself I was blown away.

Back when I was first setting up my shop, I had a pretty tight budget.

If only I had this guide back then it could have saved me so much time and money wasted!

Photos Of Shop Set Ups

(After using this recommended guide)

Kyle's amazing home workshop for under $900 in total with refurbished tools using this guide

John sent this photo of his new shed shop which cost him under $500 to set up.

What My Students Have Said About Ultimate Small Shop:

Tim Simmons

Andy Beller